How to Become a Psychiatrist

Psychiatry relates to medical profession and American Psychiatric Association. It has been in service of humanity and especially the U.S. public for the last 150 years. Psychiatry deals with people’s mental disorders and other nervous problems.  Read below to find out as how to become a psychiatrist.

Psychiatrist is a doctor

Psychiatrist has to be distinguished from other professions through his work and dealings with the patients. As the  name implies, a psychiatrist deals with the medical field and its related things. He has:

  • A medical degree (named M.D. or equivalent)
  • Specialized in mental health.
  • 4 year bachelor degree, 4 years medical schooling, and 4years residency.
  • Has spent 12 years in total to earn the degree.
  • A certification in some sub-specialty requires further 1-2 years of study.

The above mentioned psychiatrist career overview is helpful in determining that a psychiatrist has been having a tough study pattern as compared to many of the other doctors, physicians and specialists. This is how to become a psychiatrist.

Comparison with psychology

It must be kept in mind that psychiatry is different from psychology. Psychology requires the study of human behavior that may be normal or abnormal while psychiatry requires the study of mental and abnormal behavior. Psychology degree requirements are also different from those of psychiatry. You have to keep in mind that the psychology is a doctoral degree and its applications are on general behavior while psychiatry degree specifications are different and they require a person to have a medical background .

Career for psychiatrist

Psychiatrist career is quite challenging one as he has to pass through various ordeals. He may work at versatile places in different capacities. He may work as:

  • Self-employed in his own clinic to help the patients.
  • Teacher in different universities.
  • Work in government departments.
  • Work in various organizations where the organizational behavior is studied.

Thus, the job of a psychiatrist varies from time to time and is need based.  His career is paying and the average salary per year of a psychiatrist may be around  $154,650.

Thus, a psychiatrist has to study hard and, in return, will earn more than others. This is how to become a psychiatrist so that to serve humanity.

Careers and how to become a psychiatrist

A psychiatrist has many paths that he can follow. The  psychiatry paths  may be adopted by sticking to one object of discovering mental capabilities of the people. The path includes a four years degree, 2 years foundation training, and 4 months post foundation training period. Later he may go for a specialty from a number of choices like academic psychiatry, liaison  psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, eating disorders psychiatry, and so forth. This is how to become a psychiatrist.

Thus, the passage to psychiatry is a passage to achieving an object in life. You have to attain your object through the study of  psychiatry. The way to success in this field is pretty long but the attainment of the field is great and the future of the doer is bright through this degree.


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